We Love Our Volunteers!

Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year at MES. Teachers appreciate volunteers' help, and kids love seeing their parents and grandparents at school!

Below, you'll find brief descriptions of volunteer opportunities. Interested in helping? It's simple to signup!

If you have questions, please email our vice president of volunteers for more details.



Adventure Fest

Our largest fundraising event, Adventure Fest is fun for the family! It is held on a Saturday in the fall.

  • Auction – Solicit auction items from local businesses, set up auction tables and close out the auction boards on the day of event.
  • Baskets – Help put each class's basket together in the weeks leading up to Adventure Fest.
  • Food – Coordinate vendors, supplies, menu and/or cook and serve.
  • Games & Prizes – Gather supplies, organize, set-up and/or assist the chairpersons with misc. tasks.
  • Race – Set up the course and get water for runners.

Art in the Classroom

  • Coordinate monthly Art in the Classroom Projects within your child’s class.
  • Mount and hang art for gallery night.
  • Create a special project for gallery night auction.
  • Attend training meeting.
  • Year-round opportunity.

Room Parent

  • Coordinate homeroom activities and volunteers.
  • Organize two annual parties (Holiday and Spring)
  • Volunteer with your child’s teacher as requested.
  • Attend orientation meeting.
  • Year-round opportunity.


  • Work with the executive board to maintain and update the PTA website as needed.
  • Ongoing through the year.
  • Can be done from home.
  • Year-round opportunity.


  • Provide story leads and/or write stories.
  • Take/provide photos.
  • Sell sponsor ads.
  • Assist with distribution.
  • Year-round opportunity.

School Directory

Assist in creating the annual directory and/or distribution.

Publicity / Photography

  • Take photos during class and school activities for distribution to local newspapers and publication in the yearbook or newsletter.
  • Digital camera provided by school.
  • Year-round opportunity.


  • Manage PTA memberships.
  • Distribute membership cards.
  • Solicit memberships at Grandparents Day.
  • Compile the PTA membership reports twice per school year.
  • Year-round opportunity.


  • Take photos and download images.
  • Submit photos to yearbook company.
  • Count submissions.
  • Assist with distribution.
  • Year-round opportunity.

Grant Writing

  • Assist and/or write and find grant opportunities.
  • Year-round opportunity.

Fall Fundraiser

  • Assist with the distribution and collection of order forms.
  • Work with vendor to place orders.
  • Distribute orders to students on pick-up day.

Box Tops for Education & Community Coffee Labels

  • Help collect, sort and submit Box Tops and Community Coffee labels to earn funds for MES.
  • Can be done largely from home.
  • Year-round opportunity.

Book Fair

  • Assist the librarian to plan, set up and organize volunteers for Book Fairs.
  • Book Fairs are held in the fall and in the spring.

Boo Hoo / Yahoo Breakfast

  • Organize a breakfast for parents of Pre-K and Kindergarten students during their first week of school.
  • Welcome new parents at the event.

Gallery Night

During Gallery Night, students show off the artwork they've created throughout the year. Classes also create a special project that's sold as fundraiser on Gallery Night. Volunteers are needed to organize, set up and break down Gallery Night. The event is held in the spring, usually April.

Grandparents' Day

  • Plan and assist with Grandparents Day activities.
  • Serve refreshments.
  • Take pictures.
  • Solicit memberships.
  • Usually held over two days in the fall.

Sock Hop

  • Help organize, set-up and tear the Sock Hop.
  • Serve concessions.
  • Held in January in the evening.

Family Dining Nights

  • Organize family dinner nights at local restaurants.
  • Help with sign in at restaurants and guessing jars, if applicable.
  • Year-round opportunity.

Holiday Gift Shop

Held in late November or early December, the Holiday Gift Shops allows students a chance to shop for gifts for family and friends. Holiday Gift Shop is opened for five days during school hours. Volunteers are needed to:

  • Order inventory from vendor.
  • Set-up, organize and decorate the gift shop.
  • Coordinate volunteers during the event.
  • Wrap gifts and help students shop during the event.

Cultural Arts Day

Cultural Arts Day gives students a chance to learn about another country. The event is usually held in February. Volunteers:

  • Organize, plan and set-up eight learning stations.
  • Work with vendors or community volunteers to coordinate appropriate games, foods, educational activities, etc.
  • Clean up and break down classrooms following Cultural Arts Day.

Field Day

  • Work with PE teacher to organize day.
  • Set up stations at Field Day.
  • Supervise kids at each station.
  • Usually held in March.

PBS Celebrations

PBIS Celebrations reward students for good behavior. They are held monthly. Volunteers:

  • Help assistant principal plan events.
  • Volunteer at PBIS celebrations.
  • Activities will vary throughout the year.
  • Year-round opportunity.

Safety & Reflections Contests

These are district-wide contests for art and writing. Volunteers:

  • Assist in gathering student submissions.
  • Secure judges.
  • Submit the school's chosen projects to the district.

Staff Appreciation Week

  • Assist in planning special events to honor teachers and staff.
  • Activities are held daily during a week in May.

Hospitality Staff

  • Assist in planning monthly and holiday treats for MES staff.
  • Coordinate volunteers and solicit items as needed.
  • Year-round opportunity.

Front Office Volunteer

  • Greet and direct visitors.
  • Answer phones.
  • Other light office duties at staff's direction.
  • Year-round opportunity.

Library Volunteer

  • Checkout/in books.
  • Shelve books.
  • Help students locate books.
  • Other duties as needed by librarian.
  • Year-round opportunity.

Class Sitter

  • Class sit while the teacher attends meetings or functions.
  • Year-round opportunity.

Hearing / Vision Screenings

  • Assist in walking students to/from the screenings.
  • Held once a year.
  • Organized by school nurse.

Picture Days

  • Assist teachers and photographers in getting students organized for pictures.
  • Volunteers needed for fall and spring pictures.